Thousand have lived without love not one without water.

Making Your Life Safer.

Water is a fundamental human need. Everyone requires clean, safe water to keeping themselves healthy. Polluted water isn’t just dirty it’s deadly. Some 1.8 million people die every year of diarrheal diseases like cholera. Tens of millions of others are seriously sickened by a host of water-related ailments—many of which are easily preventable. Stainless steel water Tanks is one of the most essential and important products for every home.

Stainless Steel Overhead Water Tank

Beat the heat of water using Stainless Steel Water Tank. These are very much easy to carry from place to place.

Stainless Steel Horizontal Water Tank

We provide vertical and horizontal Stainless Steel Water Tank which is odor free, plastic particle free.

Quality of Tank

We provide A-1 quality of Stainless Steel Water Tank and removed the all drawbacks of plastic water tank.

Total Home Solution

We provide complete Stainless Steel Water Tank solution for domestic application.

Quick Delivery

Steelx wanted to became one of the key player of the water tank manufacturing sector with largest base of customers tied with us therefore we are committed to offer the maximum possible services.


Steelx stainless Steel Water tank are very easy to maintain. After delivering the products we provide maintenance or service up to some certain period free of cost for technical reason like leakage.

Customer Satisfaction

We are well committed to our customer and keep taking feedback from customer. We provide the things of best quality. If there is any problem we will there for you for replacement and servicing.

Shortly About Us

What Steelx Thinks?

We found out some more drawbacks of water tanks which are not made from stainless steel. Lets know more about them, Concrete Tanks are strong but prone to cracks and leaks, fungal growth, bacteria, insects and difficult to maintain. PVC tanks are durable but leave plastic smell and taste in water, facilitate algae and bacterial growth, degrade in sunlight. Choosing the right water tank can be very critical and storing water at home has always been a problem with the available options.

Salient Features:

  • Matchless quality.
  • Precisely designed.
  • Robust Construction.
  • Durable.
  • High Resale Value.
  • Exceptional.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Cost Efficient.
  • Pure & Hygienic.
Stainless Steel Water Tank.

We Provide Different Sizes of Stainless Steel Water Tank.

250 Litre's Stainless Steel Water Tank

This size of water tank generally used for small and individual houses for temporary storage of water because, these are easy to clean, handle and moveable from one place to another.


500 Litre's Stainless Steel Water tank

This size of water tanks are useful for the small commercial uses like small restro as well as small function gathering parties and most important thing is we can carry it easily.


1000 Litre's Stainless Steel Water Tank

Started from 250 litre's of water tank Steelx also manufacture and provides water tank up to 3000 litre's of water tank. Which are used for home appliances as well as commercial purpose.

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