Product Detail

Key Advantages of using Steelx Stainless Steel Water Tank.

Safety measures

It has a lockable top cover that guards against foreign bodies, SSWT mirror finished layer reflects sunlight/heat and keeps the water cooler than any other tank.


Our tanks are Non-toxic, rust free, resistant to scaling and free from growth of bacteria, algae, moulds etc. Hence the water is hygienically clean & odour free.

Easy to Handle

Easy to carry. Easy to Clean, hygienic and cost-saving storage alternatives. Curved bottom with outlet valve helps to clean the tank with a single flush.

No Weather Effect

SSWT Tank is resistant to weather changes, thus the tank will not warp or deform under any weather condition.

Not Only water

The tanks are not only used for water storage, it can be used for storage of milk beverages and chemicals also.

Innovative Product

Made with latest and modern technology by Steelx Innovations for the first time in Kerala.

Widely Used

Stainless Steel Water Tanks remain the most excellent choice in terms of compatibility, durability and rationally priced. Steelx offers lifelong warranty against manufacturing defects.

Used in Developed Countries

These Types of Stainless Steel Water Tanks mainly used in developed countries. Now started using first time in kerala, india.

Variety of capacities & shape

Steelx Stainless Steel Water Tanks available in different capacities ranging from 250 Litre's to 5000 Litre's different shape of Vertical and Horizontal tanks.